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09 January 2005 @ 05:42 pm
Ice cream castles in the air...  

"Thong law is fluid. It changes with who's wearing it, how it fits, where it's worn and why. A woman in a thong on the beack is usually not subject to arrest in most states-indecent  proposals maybe, but no jail time.  On the ohter hand, a fat man in a thong, pedeling a tricycle past a preschool, is a likely candidate for arrest."


"Here are some common type of criminal mischief:

  • Toliet-papering your neighbor's house
  • Egging, soaping, or smashing windows
  • Letting air out of car tires
  • Destroying graveyard property (if unhappy ghosts don't get you first, that is)
  • Carving your name into doors or on the sides of cars
  • Covering school hallways with shaving cream
  • Most graffiti


JEEZ, MY MOM JUST BAKED ME A CAKE: For her son's sweet sixteen birthday party in 2002, "Ma Baker" of Olympia, Washington, went all out. Not only did she provide paintball guns and a ride on a "gyroscope," but she also welcomed her son's friends with booze, weed and a friendly stripper (who may or may not have given the birthday boy a blow  job). Some of the lucky ungerage party guests threw up from too much booze, but a good time was had by all...until some of the neighborhood parents found out. Ma Baker and her husband were charged with a felony and a variety of misdemeanors (including providing alcohol to minors) and paid a hefty $15,000 fine.

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